Project documents and images: Young girls' educational opportunity

May 2011

Images are available for other phases of the project. You can get a complete overview from the project documentation initial page

Transfer receipt 14/05/2011
Transfer receipt 14/05/2011

In the early months of 2011, a small, additional fundraising effort was made for the project. On May 14, we forwarded Euro 1000 to Mr. Seidu in Larabanga.

Shortly thereafter, we received an email confirmation of the delivery.

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Hello Robert,

Hoping you are doing well, and just to inform you that the funds has been recieved. As soon as the project is finish I will send you the neccessary doccument, photos and to account for what we spend the money with. We will as well add receipt of everything. Thank you once again for this wonderful effort.

With my best regards