May 2017

After a series of discussions with Mr. Seidu, the local project leader, the Larabanga Initiative will move in a new direction. Its goal remains constant, however: support for education in Larabanga.

Mr. Seidu, and the Larabanga organization LECLARA expressed their wish to create a community-run tourism project in the belief that they can be more effective in promoting educational opportunities in the village by generating revenues locally.

As a result, we will be working on a mid-term plan of tourism development, beginning with the collaborative production of a tourist brochure and website. LECLARA will carry out the local work (e.g., data collection, organization of tourist activities) while the technical support necessary (mapping, brochure production, website development) will be done by us from abroad. Central to this cooperation is the progressive transfer of technical competence to Larabanga with the clear goal of providing knowledge aimed at offering long-term opportunities for local growth.

We also anticipate some technical help and advising from volunteers associated with CartONG, a Chambéry-based French NGO with long experience in the fields of humanitarian and developmental cartography.


Our new site, dedicated to the development of sustainable tourism in (and around) Larabanga, is now on-line!

April 2016

In 2016, we are very happy to be able to announce that, together with our Project Coordinator, Mr. Seidu, we have been able to again take up support for the financing of elementary (basic) school education for young village girls.


We thank all those donors who decided to heed our call to "re-open" this project, last supported between 2010 and 2013.


To view all project documentation, start with the link under Current Project (lower left).

May 2013

The latest effort to support the current project (Young Girls' Education Opportunities) were carried out this month. We thank the many colleagues and friends who generously contributed.


Follow the project developments, as usual, on the documentation page.

September 2012

You can now review the results of the funding sent to Larabanga in June 2012 for continued support of the Young Girls Education Project.


Once again -- as you will see -- the local project leader, Mr. Abusco Seidu, and his collaborators, have been able to fully take advantage of the support you have so generously provided.

June 2012

After a call for donations, we were able to supply €1500 to the local project leader, Mr. Seidu, to help the village continue its efforts in this educational campaign.


You can view the transfer document.

July 2011

We were able to provide a small contribution in May 2011. You can review the documentation provided by Mr. Siedu, the project leader, acount for the expenditures and indicating the results.


Thanks to everyone's generosity!

November 2010

We have received documentation from the local project leader. The funds sent have been spent as planned.


You can check the latest project information to see how the funds were used and take a look at some photos to get an idea of what your donations have been able to accomplish!


Thanks once again.

September 2010

On September 17th we made a first transfer for the Young Girls' Education project. As other donations arrive, we will forward them.


You can go to the project documentation page for more information.


Thanks so much to all of you for your generosity!

June/July 2010

The latest project (anche in versione italiana), supporting basic educational opportunity for young girls in Larabanga, has just been launched.


We would like to transfer what ever funds which you generously donate early in September, 2010. 


We will pass any news on to you as the project develops.