Providing basic educational opportunity for young girls (2010-2013; 2016)

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In 2010, continuing the collaboration we began in 2006 with the people of Larabanga, we agreed to turn our attention to one of the major problems plaguing the village; specifically, (and unfortunately not only in Larabanga) the limitations of opportunity for young girls to obtain a basic education.


The two previous projects we have organized (2006-2009) have been crucial to opening up schooling opportunities where they were grossly inadequate. At this point, teaching facilities have been greatly expanded but the problem of the underrepresentation of young girls at the schools is of great concern to village leadership.


The local project organizers in Larabanga provided us with an initial document in which they described (in a rather tortured but comprehensible English) the rationale for their efforts, the research they have done locally and a projection of costs.


Over the 3-4 year life of the project, funds collected in the framework of this project were spent as planned. The expenditures are fully documented and you can view some photos to get an idea of what your contributions have been able to do.


You can trace the broad chronology of project development via our News page postings.

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