Project documents and images: Girls' Continuing Education

December, 2014

Images are available for other phases of the project. You can get a complete overview from the project documentation initial page.

After a series of clarifications (and lost emails...sorry!) we received the documentation which concludes this latest project.

Of the 8260+ Cedi sent to Mr Seidu earlier this year, 4400 were used for the 4 young women attendance at the Senior High Schools (see the August 2014 documentation page).

In addition to the receipts shown--amounting to Cedi 3020--Mr. Seidu has accounted for the balance in his (excerpted) email to us of August 11.

NB: at the moment, there is a small discrepancy of Cedi 171 (ca. €44) which Mr. Seidu is attempting to account for as regards the stated total of Cedi 4400.

  • Ibrahim Ramatu had  ¢342 for her uniforms and other school materials.
  • Sulemana Wasila also had ¢245 for her school materials.
  • Yussif Khadija also had¢280.
  • Yakubu Ayishetu had ¢342
  • When you include all this to the fees each paid you will have ¢1100 for each student and all sum up to ¢4400.

The remaining funds, we are very happy to report, were applied to continue the essential work of the previous ("Young Girls Education") project. 

As you can see from the letter sent to us accounting for what we collected in 2014, the village was able to provide uniforms, pencils, notebooks, etc. to 30 young girls for their basic educational needs. As you can read, this brings the project total (beginning in 2010) to 220 girls.

Letter from Mr. Seidu with 2014 accounting (click to enlarge)
Letter from Mr. Seidu with 2014 accounting (click to enlarge)

Letter of Acknowledgement: 2014

Here you can read the letter of acknowledgement we received from Mr. Seidu earlier this year.

Below, you will find the receipts regarding the amounts spent for the (non-admission) items in the expense listing, above