Project Documents and Images: Junior School project

June 2006

Images are available for previous phases of the project. You can get a complete overview from the Junior School project image initial page.


Letter of thanks with description of spending from Mr. Seidu
Adobe Acrobat Document 874.9 KB

The spending totals indicated in the letter and some accompanying materials can be summarized as follows:

  • ca. Cedi 10.000.000 was spent on continuing construction of the Junior School. There was agreement in the village on this. The villagers supplied labor and food for the workers.
  • ca. Cedi 4.000.000 was added to a community contribution of 3.000.000 to by the wood and pay the carpenters to provide desks for 60 students.
  • ca. Cedi 1.000.000 has been used to continue the construction of a school office (this, in the primary school quarters).


Some additional images (not project related)