Project documents and images: Young girls' educational opportunity

July 2011

Images are available for other phases of the project. You can get a complete overview from the project documentation initial page

 In May of this year, we sent a total of €1000 to continue support for the project. This month, Mr. Seidu provided us with an accounting of how the funds were spent (ca. 2025 GH¢).

Project Accounting - Spring 2011
Project Accounting - Spring 2011

Here are the receipts sent together with the letter, above. As you can see, they show payments for school supplies and various items, purchase of textiles and sewing services for the school uniforms.

A letter from Mr. Seidu, expressing the thanks of the village to all who contributed, came along with the materials. (It seems he forgot to sign it though ...)

Photo Gallery - Spring 2011

Finally, we received some photos of the schoolchildren as they received their uniforms and supplies. Mr. Seidu, the local project leader and schoolteacher, appears in the images.